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My first PC was an 8088, duel floppy, boat anchor. The operating system was GW Basic, maintained on a 5.5 inch floppy disk. You could count the RAM K’s needed to run the OS on both hands. The unit was big and it was glacially slow, but it was mine. I built my first PC game on that computer; it was a football game based on random action outcomes. Graphics were simple text. In retrospect, it wasn’t much of a game, but it did light a fire in me. I enjoyed making that game. Over the years, the sentiment hasn’t left me. I still like making games. But now, with improved development platforms and advanced technology I can make better games. So, that is what I do. I even went so far as to start a small business. GeWaLy Art has produced several games with different themes and distributed them over several venues. We have everything from puzzles to mazes to escape games to card games. Some are offered for free, some are offered for a nominal price. We don’t plan on getting rich from our games, but if we can provide some level of edutainment to even one soul, it will all be worth it.

The name of the business, GeWaLy Art, was derived from the first two letters of each of my three names, first, middle, and last. It was originally thought if pronounced the way it was intended - Jewely Art - that it would bear reference to the prestigious academy of performing arts, Julliard. However, it has been said, by my own children no less, that it sounds more like Gee Wally Art, which of course was nowhere near the goal. The name didn't have the desired effect, but I kept it anyway.

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