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Art has been a part of our DNA since very early on. Throughout grade school, into high school, and even beyond, our appreciation of and commitment to the arts was founded and heightened by structured classes and ad hoc opportunities to express ourselves through some artistic media. We experimented with pastels, oils, watercolors, pencil, ink, and even crayon. As technology advanced and available artistic styles evolved, we got into graphic arts, animation, and pixelation. As is typically the case, some styles became favored over others, until ultimately, we found some niches. We also found some fun and satisfying ways to translate our artistic interests into crafts and PC games.

What follows is a collection of our art over time. The collection includes early entries, and it varies across styles. We are not currently selling any of the art, as most of our current works are incorporated into our crafts and into our computer games. We hope you enjoy!

The Early Years


Ball and Mitt

Color Pencil

Corn Stalk






Pointillism/Stipple is the style of art that involves using dots, or pixels, to create images. Images can be monochromatic or they can be full color. Shadowing and Texturing is generated by density and spacing of dots or points on the page. Ink is often the media of choice for Pointillism renderings.


Bronco in Color



Pixelation, similar to pointillism, is the style of art that involves using larger blocks of similar colors or patterns to create images. Like Pointillism, shadowing and texturing is generated by density and spacing of blocks on the page. Pixelated images work very well for creating pixel quilt tops.


Itsa Me, Mario

The Grinch



We at GeWaLy Art love nature. As we are out and about, seeing the many spendid sights and scenes around us, if there is something that catches our eye we try to grab a photo. Not only do we often find some of our subjects artistically stunning, we are sometimes able to incorporate them into Craft or Entertainment projects.

Oh, Deer


Mountain Lake

Graphic Arts

Since we entered the realm of PC gaming, graphic arts became a big deal. We needed artifacts, props to enhance a story or to fill a page. Sometimes objects were created, sometimes people, and sometimes whole rooms. To get the right impression, we often had to use imagination, creativity, and a decent graphics design package to complete the picture.

Sore Loser

Gold Cup


Wild Card

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford is said to have coined the phrase, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. The meaning to that phrase can be taken in many ways, but to GeWaLy Art it means what one considers beautiful is subjective, it’s interpretive. What we see as beautiful may be considered ugly and meaningless to someone else. We understand that, and we are fine with that concept. Beholders see the world through different eyes. But, we also feel that beauty, or what is considered beautiful, is an attitudinal thing. A beholder can choose to see beauty, or they can choose to see ugly. They can look for the positives, or they can look for the negatives. We would suggest, if one looks at an object, or a landscape, or even a person. If one looks at the shapes, colors, textures, and form. If one looks at the layers, the shadows, and the contours. If one tries to see from a different angle, one can find order, symmetry, inspiration, one can find aesthetics in anything one sees. One can find Art. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and at GeWaLy Art we choose to behold the world around us with awe, with wonder, with amazement, and with appreciation. We choose to behold Art in its many forms.

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