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Over time, we attempted many different crafting styles. Ultimately quilting became the style of choice. The different patterns, colors, and fabrics available in the quilting world provided a myriad of creative opportunities. Patterns such as quatrefoil, hourglass, zipper, Irish chain, or standard block quilts, gave enough diversity in challenge and scope to keep things interesting. We even got into the realm of t-shirt quilting. The endless spectrum of colors available from the different fabric providers allowed for a level of inspiration and artistry that was, in many cases, amazing. Themed fabrics crossed the spectrum, everything from sports teams to children’s books to animals in the wild, and the list goes on and on, could be found. Virtually any subject matter could be celebrated in a quilt. All these things made quilting fun, challenging, frustrating, and ultimately exhilarating. We just had to go there.

Additionally, during our quilting journey, a few pixel quilts were attempted. Pixelation could be employed to create interesting and beautiful quilted pictures. The artistry associated with pixelation prompted our entry into pixel patterns. We created pixelated quilt top patterns that range a myriad of subjects, including animals, objects, and even some cartoon and gaming icons. The patterns proved yet another creative outlet that covered adequately both arts and crafts.

Ultimately, Etsy shops were opened to exhibit and to offer our wares for sale, both quilts and patterns. Over time we have sold numerous quilts and patterns, mainly across the US, but also to destinations throughout the world, in both cases maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings. To us, arts and crafts are about not just aesthetics, but also quality.

Quilt Styles

Quatrefoil Zipper Irish Chain

Big Star Star Pattern Block Pattern

Pixel Patterns

At GeWaLy Art we are into crafts, and we put a lot of pride in the works we produce. With our quilts, we do everything from fussy cutting for perfect block images to carefully matching seams to hand stitching bindings. On every project Stella’s words echo in our heads, “if you are going to do something, you might as well do it right.” Our patterns are created taking many things into consideration. When patterns are designed, we weigh out fabric colors, panel size, image aesthetic, and consumer experience. Any quilt made using one of our patterns should start with an intuitive process and end with an amazing keepsake.

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'If I could, I would give the seller 10 stars on all counts. This was a custom request and Jill went way beyond. Her work is flawless. And the end result was gorgeous. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.'

'I made this quilt for my Brother in law. Very easy instructions, turned out amazing! I will definitely be buying from this seller again.'


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