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The Missing Link

Over the course of my life I have always had an interest in writing. Through the years I even made numerous attempts to produce something of quality and value. Growing up I had experiences that I thought would make interesting and insightful stories. In my church affiliation I have had moments that one might consider inspirational or even spiritual that I felt should be shared. So, in either case I wrote them. I even tried to have a few of them published. Admittedly, none have ever been published, at least not professionally, partly because in some cases the style needed some work and partly because, well frankly, in some cases the stories weren’t all that good. Regardless, I continue to write. This page, this missing link I like to call it, is provided as a platform for some of those stories. Please feel free to download and read at your leisure, and share the link as you feel inclined. Most of all, I hope you enjoy. I do plan to add a comments section in due time.

The Legend

The Legend is a coming of age story about a nine year old boy named Jerry who more than anything wanted a bicycle. So much so that he was willing to do anything to get one. After watching a show on television he came up with a plan that would get him a bike and, in his mind, much more. However, the plan required cooperation from his sister, Marie. Marie was the legend.

Marie got her legendary status from Jerry’s older brothers, Wayne and Dave. From very early in Jerry’s life they told him stories about the nasty and mean things Marie did to them and to others. Marie was a monster! Jerry didn’t want to believe the stories, but the evidence they presented was overwhelming. So, for years Jerry kept his distance. However, everything was about to change.

A series of incredible events would bring Jerry face to face with the legend. In the process he would learn a lot about his brothers, more about Marie, and still more about himself. There were indeed monsters in his midst, but who exactly were they? Jerry was about to find out, and at the same time he would learn the truth about the legend.

The first three chapters of the story are provided in PDF format.

Taking it in the Shorts

Taking it in the Shorts is a compilation of two short stories. Both stories are based on actual events.

Digging Holes

Jerry, who was eight at the time, and two of his brothers, who were ten and thirteen, were asked to clear pasture for the family livestock. They didn't care for that idea so the three of them left, much to the chagrin of their older brother. Before their work was done, they ran off to do something else. Ultimately, they dug a hole and covered it to make a fort. They were excited about their new sanctuary, but they would not be able to enjoy it. They discovered that there is a price that comes with disobedience, and there is ultimately a lesson that comes from digging holes.

An Adventure

School was out and all the activities planned for summer vacation had ended. Jerry, age nine at the time, was bored and he was looking for excitement. After a search around the house, he ultimately found what he was seeking in his brother’s closet. Breaking a number of family rules Jerry found an adventure, but ultimately he got more than he bargained for. In the end, he decided that maybe boredom wasn’t so bad after all.

Excerpts from each story are provided in PDF format.

One Chance to Return

One Chance to Return is a poem that was inspired by a television show. My wife and I have been known to watch a reality TV show called Long Island Medium, staring a gal named Theresa. Theresa is a medium who channels individuals who have passed from this mortal realm. Through Theresa the parted speak to their loved ones and provide them with words of comfort and validation. In nearly every case the message has to do with moving on, not feeling guilt, or knowing that their loved one was always near. While watching one day I asked myself if I passed on and had one chance to return, what message would I want to relay? I didn’t see myself wasting the opportunity letting them know that I was there at their latest birthday party. I would let them know what is really happening on the other side and what life is all about. I would want to share a message with meaning, one that would provide real hope, eternal truth, and lasting comfort. If I only had one chance to return.

This complete poem is provided in PDF format.

A Little Miracle

There are times in our lives when we need a little help. A Little Miracle is about one of those times. My daughter, just out of high school, wanted to move out with a friend. Her friend was not a member of our faith and I worried about the ideals and morals my daughter might be exposed to. To make matters worse, my daughter was at that time rebellious and impressionable. As far as i was concerned, it was a very bad move. We tried everything to get her to change her mind, but the decision was made. Just as I was running out of answers, one day I was blessed with a little miracle. While it was a small thing, it changed the course of a river.

This short story is provided in PDF format.

The Pig's Ear

Jerry, now sixteen years of age, awakens from a dreadful nightmare. It was not the first time he had it. He was a defendant in a trial that went terribly wrong. Cuffs were slammed down hard; he was going to jail. Lying in his sweat soaked bed, he pondered the dream and thought about the events that brought him to this point. His trial, the real trial, was only days away. Was the nightmare an omen? Jerry wasn't exactly sure, but he was very concerned. He didn't want to go to Jail. For several restless hours hundreds of questions ran through his mind. Ultimately he fell back to sleep with one last question dancing on the tip of his tongue, how did it ever come to this?

The first six chapters of the story are provided in PDF format.

This story is a work in progress.

The End of Chirstmas

It is December 24, the eve of the big day. The weather is really acting up and Santa is concerned. However, his angst goes far deeper than cold winds and blowing snow. He's feeling tired, forgotten, and unappreciated. It could mark the end of Christmas as we know it, but then things are never how they used to be.

This short story is provided in PDF format.