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About Gewaly Art

The site was created out of an interest in all things creative. Gerald began his venture into the arts at an early age. Throughout grade school and into high school he took a number of art and drafting classes in which he was able to experiment with different media across a myriad of subjects. In time he migrated toward pointillism and pixilation. Jill got into crafts in her youth as well. She picked up macramé and cross stitch and her grandmother taught her crochet. Ultimately she found her way to quilting and that is where she now focuses most of her creative energy. We both really appreciate people who have and share creative talents, whether those talents involve arts or crafts. Through this site, we thought we would do the same.

The name of the site, Gewaly Art, was actually derived from the first two letters of each of Gerald's three names, first, middle, and last. It was originally thought if pronounced the way it was intended - Jewely Art - that it would bear reference to the prestigious academy of performing arts, Julliard. However, we have been told, by our own children no less, that it sounds more like Gee Wally Art, which of course was nowhere near our goal. We tried, and apparently failed, but we kept the name.

Anyway, we do hope that you enjoy viewing our works as much as we enjoyed creating them. Thanks for visiting our site.

Gerald and Jill

Gewaly Art

Gerald and Jill Lynch

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